The internet has opened up the lifestyle in a big way over the last 10 years! The internet, just like any traditional method of meeting couples, ` brings with it potential dangers and clearly, there are people you have to be careful of meeting up with. The majority of problems originating from the internet can be traced to people telling lies or misinformation provided by one person to another.

It is great to meet new people on the internet, but please take the ap[appropriate measures to ensure you always play safe! Our recommendation is to chat and meet people online, however when the crunch comes to meeting face to face, always meet new people for the first time at the club or alternatively a pub or restaurant that is a public place.

It is very common for people who get themselves banned from a lifestyle club to resort to meeting people online. Predators will also use the net to lure unsuspecting people into their hidden agendas. If new playmates refuse to meet you at the club, chances are they have been banned from this club or they have a hidden agenda that you should be concerned about. 

I only drink one beer a night!

What people tell you on the internet and what takes place in real life can be quite a different matter. Get to know people first if you wish to meet people over the internet. Meet in a social club and see their deportment and manners in a public place first.

I have a very big cock!

I have an average size body, or I have a very big cock, or I can perform for a very long time. What people think or say about themselves, might be true in their eyes, but totally different to what you will discover. Seeing people perform at a club is proof positive what they look like and what equipment they truly own and know how to operate. Don't get fooled by what people say online. Many married men try to pass themselves off as single or with a consenting partner, which in reality might be their girlfriend, mistress or even an escort. Some people will also send you pics that are very old or not even themselves. 

We have personally seen men come into other clubs with prostitutes or escorts who constantly watch the clock while their employer for the evening tries to find his way into other ladies panties. Club Whispers does its best to keep out this kind of couple. It is very rare, but we are not silly enough to say it will never happen.

Checking out the Stories! 

It is very important to check out all the stories before taking the plunge. Many people are very disappointed to find out that things were not as advertised on the net. Be honest with people on the internet. Take time to feel comfortable and safe. Never jump into a situation on short notice, even if you are both horny little devils.

Predators know that new couples are eager to try out a sexual encounter as soon as possible. If a new couple are too eager for you to get together with them, take this as a warning! Couples who are experienced swingers will take time to meet you and will be willing to go at the pace of the slowest partner.

Always arrange to meet a new couple at the club or a public place, your safety is very important!

Never meet a new couple at their place or at a hotel or motel for the first meeting, no matter what they tell you about wanting privacy or people at the club or public place might know them. There is always safety in numbers. 

Can't cum on the phone, I'm all tied up right now!

People are all into different things. Make sure you have similar interests in all levels of sexual play. There are a few people out there that love telling lies to get an unsuspecting partner or couple to meet with them for their own agenda. 

If you do not know a couple very well and they request a quick get together or seem pushy to get things going A.S.A.P., it is our recommendation that you do not take them up on this invitation! Couples who are well adjusted to the lifestyle and are well liked by many other couples will never have a reason to push you and your partner, they will be comfortable giving you all the time you need.

Trust your feelings, if anything does not feel right, just say No!

Remember, you do not have to give a reason. It is actually impolite to ask this question in the lifestyle. If a couple asks you why, they have just indicated to you that they are very new to the lifestyle or a pushy couple. 

On-Line Clubs can be fun or a Danger! 

There are many on-line clubs that advertise themselves as swingers or lifestyle clubs. Many of them are very legitimate and are helping curious couples meet and talk on-line about the lifestyle. Many single males however have found this an excellent way to get a group of singles and couples to meet with them at private parties arranged by them. 

Single males have a difficult time at best getting into lifestyle clubs. The majority of these singles males are unable to find a willing female partner to swing with or are cheating on their married partner.

Some of these single males will attempt to start swing clubs for couples and select singles. They will advertise earnestly that they are truly interested in helping couples get together, but at the same time helping secure their own agenda to get sexually active in the mix of things. 

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