1.        No Discrimination
1.1          Club Whispers is a Discrimination Free Zone.
1.2          No Sexism, Racism or Homophobia is tolerated!
2.       No Soliciting
2.1          No Prostitution or Soliciting of any kind whatsoever will be tolerated.
2.2          No recruiting for parties or collecting phone numbers, email addresses and/or social media contact details.

3.       No Drugs
3.1          Illicit Drugs are strictly prohibited from the Club Whispers premises.
3.2          If you are caught using illicit drugs on our premises you will:

13.2.1    Immediately asked to leave; and

13.2.2        Not be welcome back;

13.2.3        and we may report the matter to the authorities.

4.       BYO Alcohol
4.1          Club Whispers is strictly BYO Alcohol.
4.2          Service by Club Whispers staff will always, only be within the Responsible Service of Alcohol Principles.
4.3          Members and guests are required to always drink in moderation so as to not offend others.
​4.4          Management has the right to remove or refuse entry to any person deemed to be intoxicated.

5.       Behaviour
5.1          Members & Guests are required to act in a polite and courteous manner to others at all times.
​5.2          If you are offensive or act in any way detrimental to anyone else's enjoyment, you will be immediately asked to leave.
5.3          Any person asked to leave Club Whispers is not welcome back at anytime in the future.

6.       Play Rooms & Playing with Others
6.1          Never touch anybody unless you ask first and are permitted to do so by that person.
6.2          Always ask before touching anybody else.
6.3          If you don’t want a particular type of attention, simply say No!
6.4          No Means No!
6.5          Closed Play Room Doors/Curtains must never be opened or interfered with in any way under any circumstances.
6.6          A Chain across the doors means No Entry under any circumstances.
6.7          A Closed Door or Curtain means No Entry under any circumstances.
6.8          An Open Door or Curtain where the Chain has been put up means you can stand and watch but do not enter.
6.9          An Open Door or Curtain and No Chain Across means you may enter but only after asking.

7.        Nudity
7.1          Nudity is not permitted in any part of the club except in the area clearly signed as the RedZone.
7.2          Nudity will not be tolerated in any of the other areas of the club. Repeat offenders may be asked to leave the club.
7.3          Clothes or at minimum a closed robe must be worn at all times in any area of the club save as provided in 7.1 above.

8.           Photography
8.1          Club Whispers will from time to time have an official photographer taking photos at our parties.
8.2          The Official Photographer will not take photos that includes nudity or sexual acts of any kind or in the RedZone at all.
8.3          The Official Photographer will always ask permission before taking your photograph.
8.4          The photographs taken by the Official Photographer are the sole property of Club Whispers Pty Ltd.
8.5          No Photography of any kind is permitted by any person other than the official photographer anywhere in any area of                            the Club or at any Club Whispers party. This includes taking photographs on a mobile phone.

8.6 A ZERO TOLERANCE Policy applies to any Breach of Rule 8.5. Any person caught taking photographs inside                       Club Whispers will without exception be immediately asked to leave and repeat offenders will not be welcome                       back. For the sake of clarity, a repeat offender means a person who is in breach of Rule 8.5 on two or more                             occasions.

9.       No Refunds
9.1            We do not Offer Refunds on Tickets purchased and/or Membership or Joining Fees.

10.    Alterations to the Club Rules
10.1          Club Whispers reserves the right to alter, amend, remove or revise any one or more of these rules through any of its                   duty managers at any party. The Club Whispers Duty Manager has the final say on any matter that arises at a party or in                   the day to day running of the club and its membership.


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